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SOUTO MASONRY LLC - A business run in New England servicing primarily in Essex County as well as Middlesex County. Helping countless numbers of clients fix problems they may be facing with there living space, always eager to get the job done.


Our goal in business is to have every job be as seamless as possible, without headache or confusion. Souto Masonry also thrives off new ideas, and takes pride in one of a kind projects that separates us from the competition. Enhancing your life, extend your living space, and bring value to your home. We believe that a home is not only a place to sleep, but a place to feel safe, unwind, and create memories throughout the decades or even generations with the ones we love.

You deserve an outdoor living space that is built the right way. Sick of your wet, damp backyard? Our projects have proper drainage, a clean sub base, and material that doesn't deteriorate over time, but flourishes.  A complete revamp, or freshening up the house, we're here to help.

WHAT TO EXPECT - On our residential and commercial projects we guide clients to the right function, and style within a budget that fits their needs. Occupied and fully operational job sites are never a problem. We also plan, manage, design, and build multi-phase jobs.

OUR SERVICES:                    Pool areas                                Concrete work

                                                  Steps                                        Outdoor kitchens

                                                  Stone work                               Drainage

About us


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Vision Made simple

FREE CONSILTATION - Get on the phone with us! Here we can further assist you on your goals and what scope of work is involved. Or if its after hours you can book an appointment for an at home consultation. From there we can move on to the next step.

WE CAN DO MULTI PHASE PROJECTS - When starting a project, big or small, it is hard to gage what is really needed and where to start, that's where we come in as professionals. Our team takes every aspect of the job into consideration, leaving space for future projects and additions while at the same time leaving a completed looking project.

WE CAN DESIGN - Our outdoor living spaces are carefully worked with you, the customer. If needed creating a visual layout and representation of what the project is going to look like. This crucial step insures that our clients get what they pay for, and we the business, understand how the project is supposed to be brought together. Taking your ideas, adding creativity, innovation, and elevating your outdoor living space to the next level.

AIM TO PLEASE - Souto Masonrys job first and foremost is customer service, this means we will not stop till you are satisfied. So sit back, relax, and enjoy your new outdoor oasis. Where memories are made.


Why should i invest?

RESALE VALUE - Landscape and hardscape on a property creates a highly presentable first impression on your home, making for perfect curve appeal whether you are trying to sell a property in a hurry, or just adding value. Most appraisers if not all, will tell you curb appeal is a highly overlooked aspect of adding value to a property, and home equity loans are becoming more and more popular every year considering the rise in home values. An outdoor kitchen for example is a great addition that in some cases can compensate for the lack of renovation done to the indoor kitchen, which also requires more energy and less efficiency than a propane grill. Not to mention, it has been statistically proven by realtors and appraisers that a home owner can get 100%-200% (depending on your location and home value) ROI (Return On Investment) on an outdoor kitchen, potentially raising the property value to 2.2%. These high return statistics are not limited to patios, driveways, fire pits, retaining walls, as well as concrete projects, that can provide a ROI of 80% or higher, which gives the customer a lifetime guaranteed product that can be used everyday. Given this insight some might see our professionally built services as an asset or investment.

NEED HELP FIGURING OUT YOUR BUDGET? - Understanding how much a project will cost, and what to save up for might be confusing, frustrating, often time consuming. We're here to help.


Service Pricing

Remember that these projects are not only an investment to your property, but yourself, as well as others. Keep in mind that services may very depending on the job.

STILL NOT SURE? - Our business is fully insured! guaranteed to providing the best quality work money can buy. Here are some like minded people who think the same.



"Chris designed and constructed a new front walk with stairs for us last summer. Not only was his design better than other competitive offerings, he was willing to modify it on the fly as we changed our mind on several key details. When he began the actual work, he stuck to his schedule and labored diligently, regardless of the weather, to get the job finished in a reasonable time. He found an electrical subcontractor to add the new lighting we wanted and when complete, the new walk was truly beautiful. We could not have been happier. But the best part, is that he did the entire project for much, much less than other estimates we had received. So on time, on budget, and incredible craftsmanship. We could not have hoped for more!"

Jim Burnham



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