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Don't be fooled do your research

What's wrong with third party lead generators?

Lead generators such as: Houzz, Angis, Homeadvisor, Thumbtack, just to name a few, have managed to find its way on the top page of every contractor search directory. Why is this a problem, well the process prevents small local businesses from being seen or noticed by new clients, in tern creating a monopoly over the vast majority of leads on google.  As soon as a lead generator like Angis collects these jobs, they will distribute each lead up to eight contractors at $25 to $90 per lead. Further more, Angis has been known to recycle old leads that has already been completed, or make up leads to charge contractors. Angis has also been know to charge contractors after account termination, being a contributing factor to a businesses demise.

Why do they still exist?

Despite local lead generator Angis lead, facing multiple allegations, lawsuits, backlash for there behavior, and crossing paths with FTC (Federal Trade Commission), being a big wealthy corporation Angis manages to drop lawsuits. The FTC states that, "Since 2014, Angi affiliate has misrepresented the quality, source of leads, and likelihood they would result in actual jobs, agency alleges". Angis also hires employees that rely on commission, cold calling contractors repeatedly with aggressive sales tactics which in turn victimizes uninformed business owners. Being that Angis list is a scandalous low valued product, why is it that homeowners continue to flock to there program. The answer, clients prefer to be lead down a path that is easy and simple. When conveniently being found on the top page of google you are greeted with a form asking for your specific job criteria, making it fast and simple, comparing multiple quotes at your leisure. The result, false representation of job costs, frustrated homeowners and contractors, potentially bad services, experiences, as well as relationships, which is crucial for business.

What can I do?

Being that these services help neither the contractor or the homeowner, we advise that you do your due diligence and find a direct and trusted source to all contactors in your local area. In doing this you insure a good service from start to finish, creating a cohesive dynamic between you and your local business owner.

Why should you trust us?

In a fast pace economy that changes every day, with many options to choose from Souto Masonry keeps up. You the customer, will stay informed about our latest changes in the company, always staying connected with trusted CRM software, carefully guiding you through each phase of the project being, job request, job estimate, job scheduling, job invoice/payment, and lastly job review. Souto Masonry not only creates superior ease of access and great customer experience, but you get to stay up to date with all of our current custom outdoor spaces on any of our social media platforms.


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